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Communities are endowed with indigenous knowledge and resources which they can use to meet their needs. We believe they need insight to turn the knowledge and resources into opportunities for transformation. Our team of experts work with rural communities to facilitate envisioning and develop innovative solutions to achieve their goals. We also transfer new innovations and skills to communities and disadvantaged persons to address emerging challenges due to climate change and globalization.

Our focus is research and development in public health, education and agriculture. We have worked with various organizations  both local and international to empower communities. Through our interventions, we have gained substantial experience and established very good relationship with district local governments and several development partners in the region. We implement our projects with financial support from our partners and own savings. We work with like-minded organizations (in consortium) and approach communities in a participatory manner that makes them believe in themselves and hence facilitate ownership of interventions and self-reliance.

Currently several projects are being implemented across all areas. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable to effectively provide quality services to our beneficiaries. As and when need arises we are hiring Consultants to support the team in specialized disciplines. We have an in-built peer review mechanism whereby, every work is systematically reviewed to meet our quality standards and the needs of our partners.