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Gerald Henzinger, who is from Austria is a professional photographer with Horizont3000. He was able to travel to West Nile Uganda and hold a workshop on photography. The workshop focused on capturing and filming moments for documentary and reporting purposes in the humanitarian and development context. It was held at Radio Pacis in Arua where attendees were given both theoretical and practical touch on how to go about snapping the shutter according to the purpose and picture composition. Teams were created to come up with different concepts and in the end various ideas were displayed and magnified on to bring out the positive and negative in each slide. At the end of the seminar, attendees had learnt something new to add to their photography skill set and be able to explore their skills further.

The next day, staff of PALM Corps travelled with Gerald to Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement where he was able to interact with both refugees and host communities. During his field visit, Gerald was able to witness the whole process of a Village Saving Loan Association (VSLA) group, collecting their weekly stipends and bank it. He was also able to capture these moments as they unfolded.






Next he visited a farmer, a mechanic, a hair dresser and lastly a baker who are all being supported by the livelihood project. All major equipment to sustain their business has been provided and this has given them a head start in being able to survive as well as realizing their dreams.






At the end of the visit Gerald was able to have an insight into the positive impact Horizont3000 and Palm Corps had made on the life of these individuals and successfully captured the moments as they unfolded during his tour.