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One of the key activities in the F4A project was to establish collective marketing so that the farmers can collectively sell their produce. 50 agribusinesses were prospected and profiled in which Atizuyo farmers group was one of the groups, which managed to bulk and sell.

One of the biggest buyers of sesame in West Nile, OLAM (U) LTD, was linked in 2016 with Atizuyo to bulk and collectively sell to the sesame buying company. The small farmers group managed to sell about 11 metric tons worth about 28 million shillings to the company.

“Before PALM linked us to the market, we had no idea of collective marketing and so we could only sell in local markets in bits. So planning for the money was hard because you get the money in bits too.”
Aliama Isaac, the group chairperson.

“Through collective marketing, farmers have been able to bargain collectively for the price of their sesame, the cost of taking the sesame to the buyer was reduced”.
Diku Charles, a farmer in Atizuyo.

Market information is one of the biggest challenges farmers face, especially in rural areas. The rural farmers have got the potentials of producing large volumes for commercial purposes, but because they lack market information and linkages to the markets, they have been producing mainly for food security leaving them poor while struggling to meet their basic needs.

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 “I love the collective marketing because it encourages transparency between wives and husbands. This is because your produce is sold and bought openly when both are watching so you cannot cheat on your spouse. Secondly, plans are easily implemented because you receive the money at once.”
Aliama Isaac, the group chairperson.