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People are benefiting from our projects in various ways. Here we want to share some of their stories.

Digital Innovations for Zero Hunger – West Nile

iKnowFarm App transforming the lives of refugees in Rihocamp refugee settlement.

Avasiku, a vegetable farmer in West Nile shares how he has used the extension app to access markets and also get access to agro-inputs. 

Integrated Action for Combating Malnutrition (IACM) – Moyo District

Kitchen gardening transforming the lives of a mother & the children in Lefori, Moyo District

Rijoo Rosemary shares a story of how the adoption of kitchen gardening Kitchen transformed their lives.

A mother shares how her life, and that of her children, were transformed through learning and adopting skills on kitchen gardening under the Integrated Action for Combating malnutrition project in Moyo.

A mother saves the life of her severely malnourished child in the absence of therapeutic feeds

Lulua Flora a mother of 10 children shares a story of how she saved the life of her severely malnourished child in the absence of therapeutic feeds.

This story shows how a life was saved by empowering a mother to care for her severely malnourished child in the absence of therapeutic feeds. The COVID pandemic and the measures taken to curtail its spread disrupted several day-to-day activities, but also showed how sustainable it is to intervene for communities through Community health workers who carried on with their role of supporting their neighborhoods to stay healthy.

School-Community Partnership for Food Security (SCOP)

Vincent Roman, my path to becoming a doctor

“Vincent desires to be a doctor and I kept wondering how he was going to achieve that dream with him missing so much in school. But I am glad today he is always in school and is performing very well.”

Good Health equals Good Handwriting

“Nowadays I put up my hand in class more often because I can understand what is being taught. Even when I am not sure I ask for the teachers help. I like my teacher and I when I am older I would like to be just like her.”

Secure Livelihoods for South Sudanese Refugees and Host Communities

Generosity and goodwill, a farmers story

“The refugees are in miserable state. If war begins in Uganda, we shall also run to them and it would be painful to be turned away in such a state of need. This is why I am [giving land] because no one wakes up and prays for war.”

Finance for Agriculture (F4A)

Bridging access to bank loans

“Thanks to PALM for the linkage. I knew nothing about banks. I used to think banks and their loans were only for the educated but now I can actually borrow without any fear.”

Introducing VSLA

“I have easily coped with unexpected emergencies and I could invest in my onion business through my own savings and social funds I received from the VSLA.”

The beauty of collective marketing

“Through collective marketing, farmers have been able to bargain collectively for the price of their sesame, the cost of taking the sesame to the buyer was reduced”.

Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All (SSH4A)

A sustained open defecation free environment

“Having joined the VHT team at first I didn’t realize the impact of my presence. Little did I know that my redundant skill in construction would contribute to my well being and the common good of the entire sub county members.”