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Executive Director




                Abbey Thomas Anyanzo
             Executive Director PALM Corps



Project Coordinators







                      Emilly Drijaru                                                                Albert Azu
       Project Coordinator SCOP Project                            Project Coordinator Migration Project


Arua Office Team







                       Juliet Moloa                                                            Gloria Anzoa
      Finance and Administration Assistant                    Finance and Administration Officer







                      Grace Opolot                                                 Jacqueline Bungart
                Communication Officer                                  Technical Advisor Horizont3000


Project Team SCOP







                     Nelson Eguma                                                        Rita Kayeny
              Agriculture Project Officer                                        Nutrition Project Officer







                    Dolason Draku
        Community Development Officer


Project Team Migration








                  Sunday Ongwech
      Business Development Project Officer


Project Team Environment







                Timothy Avudraga
            Environment Project Officer


Project Team Nutrition, Moyo Office

Soon to be introduced here