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A small group of representatives from Horizont3000 wrapped up their five-day trip to townships across Nebbi and Arua in which they visited livelihood projects and carried out a workshop on knowledge management.

The members visiting from Horizont3000 included Jana Ongoma Schwerdtfeger, the senior programme officer for the technical advisor (TA) programme, Caroline Ngunga, flying technical advisor for Knowledge Management and Eva Pressl flying technical advisor for resource mobilization. The visit, which took place between July 29th to August 2nd 2018, saw the partner visit the PalmCorps office where they were able to interact with the staff as well as travel to villages in Yelulu and Kiriadoku townships of rhino camp area for a further insight on how the project is being carried out wrapped with a one on one interaction with a few selected beneficiaries.

During their visit, the team from Horizont3000 carried out an extensive knowledge management workshop which was intended to create a common understanding of what knowledge management means and define a scope of its application. After capturing the participants’ expectations from the training, a work process review was done to identify potential knowledge areas and gaps. In order to address the gaps realized, members of PALM Corps committed to organize a working group that will work closely with Caroline over the next 15 months with adequately availed time on a regular basis.

During the field visit, Eva and Caroline had an insightful understanding of the project flow from the grassroots of PALMCorps to the intended beneficiaries who are comprised of both refugees and host communities. They were able to interact with beneficiaries from both host community and refugee background who are part of one of our farmer groups and extensively understand how the existence of the livelihood project has impacted on their lives. They also visited a women only village saving and loan association group (VSLA) that decided to do their saving scheme on that very day so they could see firsthand how it’s done and how the entire process is handled. The women’s group was very hospitable welcoming their visitors in a very colorful song and waving of palm branches as a sign of joy.

The visit was concluded by a brief After Action Review at the Palm Corps office before  our partners could depart to their next journey.